Dear Pisces, this week is all about participating in group endeavors and contributing your unique perspectives with the world. The New Moon in Capricorn is happening on Thursday 11th at 6:57 am EST, bringing focus to the relationships that make up your community. As you shift and transform, so do the bonds that hold your tribe together. This is an invitation to embrace the fluidity of life and the changing nature of connections, where our paths are constantly intertwining and diverging. We all need different things at different times. Don’t force a situation that can no longer sustain itself through honesty. Be brave enough to let go. And also, be brave enough to be there for the trials and tribulations that are worth undergoing and that have the power to strengthen and deepen your most valuable bonds. Then on the 13th, Mercury moves back into Capricorn, also touching on the ones that you call your people, bringing more clarity and movement into this area of your life, especially in regards to the things you were reviewing between December 13th and 22nd. This will be a time to unwaveringly prioritize the people, projects and causes that are truly significant to you.