Dear Pisces, we start the week with Mercury entering Aquarius on Monday, where it will meet with the intensity of Pluto, which has set up camp for the next two decades in the deepest part of your chart. This union will offer clarity in regards to the profound journey of introspection and spiritual awakening that you’re being ushered into. During the next 2.5 weeks, pay attention to your dreams. Allow yourself to linger in liminal mental spaces. Truths about your inner most desires will be revealed. Embrace the opportunity to release old patterns of thinking and limiting narratives. This can lead to a new understanding of your spiritual journey. You’re going beyond a spirituality that is all love and light and politeness, and towards a more raw, embodied, pleasure and pain filled spiritual nature, where all feelings are valid, where even rage and passion can be sacred. The New Moon, also in Aquarius, is happening on the 9th, exact at 5:59 pm EST, reminding you to take care of your emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. Make time for yourself. Go into the dark. Rest. Renew your commitment to being in contact with your inner world.