Skymates, Mars Retrograde begins at the end this month, for the first time in over two years. Since Mars is the Planet of Action, all zodiac signs will feel influenced by Mars’ apparent reversal, and it’ll take much more energy for us to initiate new projects, even if this is also a Solar Eclipse month as well. We begin the month of October fresh off the heels of Mercury’s three-week retrograde (which ends Oct 2), and still in the midst of the post-shadow period that lasts for the first two weeks of the month. At the same time, the Libra New Moon that occurred at the end of September still influences us, encouraging us to be calmer, more open-minded, and less defensive when interacting with those around us. 

This month Libra Season asks us to chill out, but Scorpio Season encourages us to let our passions lead the way. Saturn Retrograde ends on October 23, and although it’ll have a month-long post-shadow period, it ultimately feels like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders, and we’ll be able to flow through the final week of October feeling significantly less pressure than we did before. Perfect timing, because the partial Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 25th of October is going to rock our world in ways we cannot currently fathom. This month is therefore all about making spiritual and energetic space for the waves of blessings about to pour into your consciousness, your relationships, your heart, and your life.