KTZ’s November 2022 Forecast

Welcome to November — the peak of eclipse season. The 11th month of the year. How did we get here so quickly? Why does everything seem to be going increasingly fast? These are some of the questions we’ll ask of ourselves, and of Mars, the Planet of Action, which is spending its first full month retrograde in the sign of Gemini. Mars’ transit in Gemini since this past August may explain why the second half of 2022 seems to be flying by. Mars is all about action, and Gemini’s about communication.

But now that it’s eclipse season (we experience a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus on the 8th of November), and Mars is retrograde all month, we are being asked to slow down when it comes to the actions we take, and the words we say. Less is more. Repurposing and recycling is smarter than starting or launching something brand new. Mars Retrograde encourages all signs to also pay attention to their relationship with sex, especially since the South Node is currently in Scorpio. Which sexual habits serve us, and which ones harm us?

Some skymates may practice celibacy or decide to be more moderate when it comes to dating and connecting sexually with partners. The key is to let yourself flow through the unknowns, especially during the Taurus Lunar Eclipse, because by month’s end your most important priorities, relationships, and responsibilities will be fully revealed to you.

October 2022 Forecast

Skymates, Mars Retrograde begins at the end this month, for the first time in over two years. Since Mars is the Planet of Action, all zodiac signs will feel influenced by Mars’ apparent reversal, and it’ll take much more energy for us to initiate new projects, even if this is also a Solar Eclipse month as well. We begin the month of October fresh off the heels of Mercury’s three-week retrograde (which ends Oct 2), and still in the midst of the post-shadow period that lasts for the first two weeks of the month. At the same time, the Libra New Moon that occurred at the end of September still influences us, encouraging us to be calmer, more open-minded, and less defensive when interacting with those around us. 

This month Libra Season asks us to chill out, but Scorpio Season encourages us to let our passions lead the way. Saturn Retrograde ends on October 23, and although it’ll have a month-long post-shadow period, it ultimately feels like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders, and we’ll be able to flow through the final week of October feeling significantly less pressure than we did before. Perfect timing, because the partial Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 25th of October is going to rock our world in ways we cannot currently fathom. This month is therefore all about making spiritual and energetic space for the waves of blessings about to pour into your consciousness, your relationships, your heart, and your life.

September 2022 Forecast

Skymates, it’s almost the midpoint of the month, and I’m just now writing KTZ’s general monthly overview. This is very much on brand, because we currently have six planets retrograde right now, slowing down our momentum. And we also had a Pisces Full Moon on the 9th, which led to culminations in our personal and professional lives that we’re still taking time to unpack. Virgo Season has also increased our perfectionism and self-critical attitudes, but Mars’ presence in Gemini until March 2023 reminds us that it’s absolutely normal to make mistakes, to re-reroute, to be confused, to contradict ourselves, and to change our minds. That’s what’s likely to happen this September 2022, skymates. We’re going to think we know what we want, and then the next day we may want the opposite of what we thought we wanted. It’s once Mercury gets out of its shadow period in October that we’ll truly have clarity, and because Pluto and Saturn both end their retrogrades next month (on the 8th and 23rd respectively), we’re going through major cosmic turning points in September. Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities taking place, particularly around the Libra New Moon on the 25th…

August 2022 Forecast

Skymates, welcome to August 2022! This 8th month of the year will feel significant, for several reasons. First, we just experienced a Leo New Moon on the 28th of July, and we’ll feel its energy for the first 10 days of August, encouraging us to step into our power by trusting our presence and activating our courage. There’s something you’re afraid of fully committing to, because you have an instinctual awareness that your life can change for the better once you commit to it. This is the month where you’re being encouraged to feel the fear and keep flowing, keep growing, keep knowing that you are divinely protected. 

But with Jupiter and Chiron both retrograde in the fire signs of Aries this month, moving forward with speed isn’t advised. No matter what may be on your to-do list, Mars in Taurus and retrograde season are both telling you to take several seats, and slow down. Your luck isn’t running out during retrograde season, but you are being tested to see who you are when you allow yourself to do less, even if mentally you feel like you should be doing more. That doesn’t mean being complacent, but rather focusing on the essentials and removing the distractions from your life.

Virgo Season begins on the 22nd, aiding us collectively feel more organized and structured. But with key planets and asteroids retrograde, we should also make sure we’re not so focused on self-improvement that we forget to have fun, to dance, to laugh, and to allow ourselves to make mistakes! Uranus’ retrograde in Taurus on the 24th is the ideal time to not take yourself, or your life journey, too seriously. There will be unavoidable plot twists that will occur around then, so maintain a great sense of humor even if your plans go haywire. By the time the Virgo New Moon strikes on the 27th, we’ll end the month with a strong need for silence and contemplation. What a ride it’s been!

July 2022 Forecast

Skymates, take a deep breath as July begins. The planetary square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn can be making the collective energy feel antsy and slightly distressed, but once Mars shifts into Taurus on the 5th we’re going to start stabilizing ourselves, and our lives, from the inside out. At the end of this month, Jupiter shifts retrograde in Aries for the first time in 11 years. Jupiter Retrograde’s pre-shadow period will be felt in the first few days of the month, and when you combine it with the lingering energy of the Cancer New Moon, many of us are likely to feel sentimental and nostalgic about life this month. But that doesn’t mean we need to get stuck in the past, or in our feelings.

Moving our body, spending time in nature, and slowing down to enjoy life’s simple pleasures: that’s big Mars in Taurus energy. With Venus, the Planet of Love, spending time in Gemini, and then Cancer, our social lives may have both an introverted and extroverted flair to them. Honor the moments when all you want to do is chill in bed with yourself and your favorite book, and honor the moments when you want to feel consumed with someone who makes you smile, laugh, feel safe, and climax. You deserve love from yourself, and from others, and this will particularly become clear once Leo Season begins on the 22nd. Our collective desire to feel seen, celebrated, and adored will be felt, and the Leo New Moon on the 28th can help us live life in a way that makes our inner child feel free. Because life truly is as simple as we choose to view, and make it, skymates.

Let’s choose to create a reality that liberates us from our fears, or from oppressive systems. It won’t happen overnight, but trust that it’s already happening, breath by breath. By the time Saturn ends its final retrograde in Aquarius (for the next 29 years) in 3.5 months, you’ll see why doing the shadow work and facing our own inhibitions, personally and collectively, is truly paying off. Stay focused on the new consciousness we’re co-creating, and make this month a brilliantly awakening, and healing, experience.

KTZ June 2022 Forecast

Welcome to June, skymates! Mercury shifts direct on the 3rd, and then Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, begins its 4.5 month retrograde on the 4th. Start the month of with the spirit of setting Gemini New Moon intentions — all signs would benefit from infusing more fun, playfulness, and light-heartedness into their lives. But Gemini energy is also about exploring and acknowledging one’s shadows, contradictions, and inconsistencies… Perhaps there’s an inner twin in all of us that wants to be validated, and that wants to be trusted. That inner twin may feel like doing something completely different this month, and radically transforming, metamorphosing, and letting go of what and who you once were. Go for it, skymate! It’s your life, your movie, your roles to try on and experiment with. The Sag Full Moon on the 14th is likely to help all skymates dream more optimistically, but we’d benefit from using the reflective energy of Saturn Retrograde to make sure we’re not leaping without we look — there may be some blind spots and repeating mistakes that occur this month, but if we’re present and not distracted by everything happening around us, we’ll catch the cues before anything catastrophic or devastating occurs. It’s a relatively chill post-eclipse month, especially once the Sun shifts into Cancer on the 21st, encouraging us to slow down, meditate, and strengthen our relationship with our third eye and intuition. Flow with the wisdom that’s always existed within you, skymate… Read more in your KTZ Monthly Scopes below. Have a great month of June!