It’s eclipse season, skymates. We’re going through a cosmic passage, one where one consciousness is left behind, with love, but also with mourning. And a new one is entered. Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, shifts into Aries on May 10, for the first time in 11 years. Whew. A major shift awaits us this month, and the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on the 16th is the highlight of it all. The Moon may be in its fall in Scorpio, but Scorpio has no issue with falling, because they often rise even more beautifully than ever before. With the second Mercury Retrograde of the year beginning on the same day as Jupiter’s entrance into Aries, this portal is guaranteed to feel trippy and somewhat all-over-the-place. But Taurus Season’s energy can still ground us in moments when it feels like we’re either taking flight or propelling ourselves up into space, like a rocket ship. Ultimately, we’re here. On Earth. Breathing our way through life and figuring it out day by day. Lunar and solar eclipses have happened before and they will continue to occur. So we’re here to ride through the waves, and accept what we’re feeling in the process. And now, Jupiter, Venus, and Chiron, all in Aries, want you to actually do something about what you’re feeling. That’s where the magic resides. In the intentional, bold, passionate action. Ready, set? The world is ready for you.