Dear Libra, pay attention to what your body needs. The New Moon in Pisces is happening on the 10th, exact at 5:00 am EST, in your area of work habits and health routines. Start to get in tune with the New Moon energy by honoring and listening to the wisdom of your body. Show compassion for its lived experience, and for all it has needed to suppress and hold in in order to get through this world. Mercury is going through its last days in Pisces, so in preparation for the New Moon and taking advantage of Mercury’s influence in your wellness sector, it’s a good time to keep putting in place the routines that help you have smoother days. Then as Mercury shifts into Aries, where it will be for the next two months, make sure to prioritize clear mutual understanding over self-protection within the bonds that are worth their salt. This is no time to overthink. If you’re doubting something within your close relationships, it’ll be best to talk it out than to overanalyze things. Sunday’s New Moon reminds you how feelings remain lodged in your system until you face them. Whenever it becomes too easy for others to push your buttons, it’s important to look and see if there are any ignored emotions. Don’t let unacknowledged pain distort your best intentions.