You’re transforming Leo. This week will have you feeling more aware of your inner world, as perspectives and beliefs you’ve held for a long time begin to shift. Trust the process. As a fixed sign, it can feel natural to hold onto traits, relationships and/or values simply because they once existed… but this can hold you back. Reflecting on who you are in this moment, and from there – identifying what does or does not fit into your life anymore, is a cathartic and necessary practice. It’s going to feel vulnerable, but trust that the end point equals a more empowered and aligned version of yourself. As a child, you likely carried a spark, which quietened and dulled down over time. Now, you’re invited to pick up where you left off. With Mercury moving into Aries this week, you’ll be feeling more bold, confident and direct in your self-expression. The energy of the week will build up to a powerful Pisces New Moon (on Sunday), which activates your sector of evolution, healing and transformation. If you have the feeling that each day you’re waking up a little different, it’s because you are Leo. Trust and enjoy your beautiful process.