KTZ Weekly Scopes April 1 – 25th

Happy Mercury Retrograde, skymates! Here at KTZ we are in our final weeks of prepping for our KTZ App relaunch, which means we’re taking a break from sharing and uploading weekly scopes until our new app launches. Please make sure you’re signed up to be a beta-tester of the new and improved KTZ App. Beta-testers will receive early access to the app and 1 month of the premium version for free. Thank you for your support, flexibility, and loyalty throughout the years. We are so excited for you to immerse yourself in KTZ’s Universe this Spring 2024. Sign up to be a beta-tester at knowthezodiac.com/ktz-app. Enjoy the retrograde! Love, TeamKTZ.

Leo Weekly Scope Mar 25 – 31, 2024

Dear Leo, those changes you’ve been asking for? They’re arriving. Eclipse Season launches this week with our Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday. Your sector of communication is being illuminated here, encouraging you to explore the more intellectual facets of your identity. Your word for the week is curiosity. You’re on a journey of re-discovering the things that light you up, spark your interest and feel effortless to pursue. If you’ve ever felt super (or even mildly) drawn to a particular hobby, now’s the time to take those first steps. This might mean signing up to Master Class and letting curiosity take the lead, or simply picking up an unread book that’s been sitting on your shelf for too long. The point here is not to focus on outcomes or results, which (unbalanced) can stifle your creativity. Flow with it all, and see where you end up. We wrap up the week with asteroid Vesta shifting into Cancer, a transit which will feel grounding and clarifying. This transit invites you to further unlock your soul purpose Leo, and this is big. Notice and lean into opportunities to connect with a deeper sense of meaning and contribution. You’ll feel a heightened awareness growing, around ways you can honor your unique contribution to the world. You’re ready for this.

Leo Weekly Scope Mar 18 – 24, 2024

Happy New Astrological Year, Leo! As the planet continues experiencing huge waves of cosmic energy, internal expansion will remain a prominent focus for you. Tuesday will feel particularly auspicious as the Moon shifts into your glorious sign, deepening your cord of inner connection, and evoking a sense that you’re simply becoming more available to yourself. On the same day (11.06PM ET),  the Sun shifts into Aries, marking the equinox, and a shiny New Astrological Year. Ah, a fresh start Leo. As you begin taking practical action (which will increasingly feel more effortless through March) on various aspects of your life this Aries Season, remember to simultaneously acknowledge your intuitive expansion. You experienced quite a transformative journey over Pisces Season, and it’s likely that your inner shifts will now start being reflected externally. In any moments of overwhelm or confusion, remember that you always have cosmic support. Whether that’s your chosen higher power, guide team, ancestors, angels or a loved one – find balance by simply asking for the energies you need in each moment. Navigate this week with openness, embrace opportunities for growth – and it’ll be one to remember.

Leo Weekly Scope Mar 11 – 17, 2024

Leo, it’s go time. Whether you’ve been in a cave, cocoon or chrysalis over the last few months, this week you’re going to start to see the movement and transformation you’ve been waiting for. Some of the denser cosmic energies are being broken up with Venus (planet of beauty and love) shifting into Pisces on Monday. Powerfully, this transit also activates your sector of evolution for the next few weeks. Change is here lovely Leo, and you’re ready for it. This will be the perfect opportunity to shake habits of procrastination, as it’ll start to feel more effortless for you to act, to shift your circumstances and to begin creating. On Friday, the moon forms a harmonious connection with Mars (planet of action), encouraging you to think outside the box and get experimental. Reminder, nothing has to be perfect before you launch or start. Sometimes diving in with no idea (but a willingness to learn) is the best way to move forward. The Sun (your ruler) will meet Neptune over the weekend, activating a portal of increased synchronicity, spiritual connection and unconditional love. Look out for it – or rather feel into it – and remember: magic often tends to appear between the lines.

Leo Weekly Scope Mar 4 – 10, 2024

You’re transforming Leo. This week will have you feeling more aware of your inner world, as perspectives and beliefs you’ve held for a long time begin to shift. Trust the process. As a fixed sign, it can feel natural to hold onto traits, relationships and/or values simply because they once existed… but this can hold you back. Reflecting on who you are in this moment, and from there – identifying what does or does not fit into your life anymore, is a cathartic and necessary practice. It’s going to feel vulnerable, but trust that the end point equals a more empowered and aligned version of yourself. As a child, you likely carried a spark, which quietened and dulled down over time. Now, you’re invited to pick up where you left off. With Mercury moving into Aries this week, you’ll be feeling more bold, confident and direct in your self-expression. The energy of the week will build up to a powerful Pisces New Moon (on Sunday), which activates your sector of evolution, healing and transformation. If you have the feeling that each day you’re waking up a little different, it’s because you are Leo. Trust and enjoy your beautiful process.

Leo Weekly Scope Feb 26 – Mar 3, 2024

Leo, follow the spark. Following our recent Virgo Full Moon, you might have the feeling you’re approaching unchartered territory. You are stepping into a new chapter, something you’ll be feeling all the way through to the new Astro year (mid-March). As a fixed sign, not knowing your next steps can be uncomfortable… but you’re being reminded to trust the universe. Sometimes it’s through the experience of having life stripped back, that what’s most important to you will become clear. It’s also often in this spaciousness, that you’ll find new inspiration that aligns with who you  currently are. This process involves time; so, patience and listening will be your friends. Let yourself explore, get experimental, and be inspired – without measuring “progress.” A harmonious connection between Mercury and Jupiter encourages you to put yourself out there and share your gifts in a new way. Reminder: nothing has to be perfect from the get-go. Just starting somewhere, can be an act of soul alchemy in itself. Over the weekend, a square between Uranus and Venus might lead to overwhelm through conversations, or simply being around others. Here you’re reminded that you always have the right to your own space. Use the portal of your own breath, to bring you back to yourself.