​​Leo, this week’s influx of earthy vibes will have you feeling focused and inspired. The first New Moon of the year unfolds in Capricorn on Jan 11th, activating your sector of wellness and routine. There couldn’t be a better time to solidify some 2024 resolutions by planning and taking practical steps. As a Leo, “failure” probably isn’t a word that you’ll want to associate with yourself – but don’t let that stop you from setting goals in the first place. Setting tangible, measurable goals for yourself can provide some of the most motivation, as well as hold you accountable to a degree of consistency. And why not aim big? That way, even if you only get half way, you’ll still be grateful and happy. Mercury (planet of communication) also enters Capricorn on Jan 13th, prompting you to “clean up” your mental realms. Observe the colors, flavors and themes of your thoughts. Are they self-nurturing, focused, and supportive? Or are you being too harsh on yourself and others?