The better it gets, the better it gets Leo. This week Venus’ move into Capricorn (Jan 23rd) reminds you of the joys in relentlessly pursuing your passions. A hero’s journey wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t take hard work or include a few curve balls here and there. This is how you grow into your individual power, and expand beyond your old limitations. What a gift! And while we’re on gifts, this year’s radiant Leo Full Moon takes place on Jan 25th. With Uranus going direct shortly afterwards (Jan 27th), this will feel like an ethereal, joyful (and perhaps pleasantly surprising) time. This week you’ll likely experience full circle moments, epiphanies, or positive results from months of hard work paying off. This moon, flavored by the magic of your sign, also reminds us that all of life is a gift. Let’s live it fully.