Dear Leo, this week you may find yourself embracing collaboration. We officially enter Aquarius season on Jan 20th, with Pluto also shifting into the sign of the water bearer on the same day. Whether new connections arise in your career, friendship circles or love life – it’s worth opening yourself up to the benefits of working with others. You’re being reminded that you don’t have to achieve your goals alone; and that asking for help or support, does not indicate incompetency. Being strong in your sense of self and having the ability to lean on others for support, are not mutually exclusive ideas. Aquarius is your opposite sign, so “using” a network of other people to reach your personal goals might feel somewhat unnatural, but this is part of healthily existing in community. To cut yourself off from the help of others, is to cut yourself off (in part) from the universe’s flow of abundance. With Pluto’s shift (the planet will return to Capricorn once more before remaining in Aquarius for two decades), we’re all on a collective journey of re-learning Community. The human family is remembering that we’re all brothers and sisters – and this remembrance can start with you!