Lovely Leo, 2024 is officially here! This will be a year of major transformation, and you’re here for it. On January 1st, Mercury wraps up its retrograde, illuminating your sector of self-expression. This transit encourages you to examine the ways you share your truth, and the essence of who you are. In what ways do you keep yourself “small” to avoid judgment? Alternatively, do you ever find yourself expressing yourself “loudly” but inauthentically? The universe is supporting you in your most honest expression this year Leo – the world is ready for your full beauty to shine through. At the same time, the Libra Quarter Moon invites you to connect with others, to learn and most importantly to listen. A Libra moon reminds us that we can learn about our inner worlds by putting ourselves in the shoes of others, and that taking things too personally can certainly be a curse. Enjoy the buoyancy of this week with an open mind Leo; you can trust and honor the natural flow of its unfolding. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be.