Dear Leo, remember that you are moving forward. You might have the feeling that you’ve been facing one obstacle after the other, or that you’re not moving as fast as you would like. This week you’re invited into the remembrance that every journey has its seasons. The sweet spot will be in finding acceptance for where you are; at the same time as tuning into the sense of personal empowerment that allows you to create your future visions. Speaking of future visions, Mercury will join Pluto on Monday, in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. The world is changing, and you’re uniquely positioned within these shifting landscapes Leo. Avoid feeling too overwhelmed about what hasn’t worked out in the past, because the old limitations will not exist for much longer. Trust that you’ll know when the time is right to act. On Wednesday, a harmonious trine between Venus and Uranus will open up inspiration, new ideas and a deeper appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you. Lean into the arts, nature and nourishment to receive cosmic guidance regarding your next steps. On Friday, the Aquarius New Moon illuminates your sector of relationships, specifically highlighting the balance of giving and receiving within your life. Is there anywhere in your life where you could benefit from more support?