Leo, follow the spark. Following our recent Virgo Full Moon, you might have the feeling you’re approaching unchartered territory. You are stepping into a new chapter, something you’ll be feeling all the way through to the new Astro year (mid-March). As a fixed sign, not knowing your next steps can be uncomfortable… but you’re being reminded to trust the universe. Sometimes it’s through the experience of having life stripped back, that what’s most important to you will become clear. It’s also often in this spaciousness, that you’ll find new inspiration that aligns with who you  currently are. This process involves time; so, patience and listening will be your friends. Let yourself explore, get experimental, and be inspired – without measuring “progress.” A harmonious connection between Mercury and Jupiter encourages you to put yourself out there and share your gifts in a new way. Reminder: nothing has to be perfect from the get-go. Just starting somewhere, can be an act of soul alchemy in itself. Over the weekend, a square between Uranus and Venus might lead to overwhelm through conversations, or simply being around others. Here you’re reminded that you always have the right to your own space. Use the portal of your own breath, to bring you back to yourself.