Leo, there’s alchemy in the air. On Tuesday, the planet of desire and action (Mars) will enter Aquarius, meeting Pluto there on Wednesday. Venus will follow on Friday, meeting Pluto the next day. With both planetary rulers of our transiting Lunar Nodes conjoining the planet of shadow work and transformation, this could be a big (albeit slightly challenging) week. You’ll be noticing more than ever, an interplay between your fears, self-limitation and desires. Take these new insights in, as gifts of illumination. Learning more about what fuels your dreams, as well as what prevents you from reaching them – provides the perfect window of alchemy. Gently working with your fears (rather than suppressing, avoiding or ignoring them) is one of the fastest ways to grow; spiritually, mentally and in terms of your manifestation potential. The Cancer Moon towards the end of the week evokes a sense of self-intimacy, and self-acceptance. Reminder: life’s not a race. Breathing spaciousness into your journey will make it feel that much richer.