Key themes: introspection, self-discovery, patience, listening to your calling, following it despite what the outside world thinks, getting finances in order, emotional release

Dear Virgo,
You already think way too much before expressing yourself, so this Mercury retrograde in your area of self-discovery may really feel like an annoyance to the part of you that is wanting to revamp the way you present yourself to the world. But on the other hand, it may also feel like just what you need in order to get into a more inner and self-reflective mood. That new you is already flourishing deep within, there’s nothing stopping it. Take things slow, and after the 15th when Mercury stations to move forward, you’ll begin to feel freer about letting your new sense of self out into the world.

Venus is finally stationing to go direct on the 3rd, after having taken you on a ride during the past 40 days through the depths of your emotional processes, and the sweetness and renewal available in rest and spending quality time with yourself. Things will still be falling into place until October 7th when Venus comes out of its post-retrograde shadow phase. What has come up for you regarding fear of intimacy, closeness, pleasure and love?

The next day, on the 4th, Jupiter will station to go retrograde for what is left of the year. Jupiter is currently transiting your area of long-term plans, inviting you to have bold dreams when it comes to your future. These next four months of Jupiter’s retrograde motion will be about tapping into what it means to honor your calling. Dare to ask life’s big questions, and dare to find the answers through experience, not just intellect.

On the 6th, Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun during its retrograde motion, helping you clear away the opinions that others have been projecting onto you and your practice, good or bad, that have been steering you away from the actions you know you have to take.

We have the New Moon in your sign on the 14th, at 9:40 pm EST, inspiring you to depart from the things that keep you safe but don’t allow you to grow. Feel the call, this is a time for emancipation. Don’t try to make sense of it, or over analyze it. There is nothing to understand with the rational mind, this call is coming from a place of feeling, and all you can do is trust and go with it. No more escaping into people that don’t cherish you. If loneliness kicks in, tap into your spiritual nature, connect with the boundless mystery that life truly is.

On the next day, the 15th, Mercury will station to go direct, and things will begin to speed up a bit. The things that we’re causing you frustration, confusion or delays regarding your sense of self will begin to loosen up little by little, until the 29th where we’ll all be more in the clear once the post-retrograde period is over.

We welcome Libra Season on the 23rd, shining a light on your financial life. This is your opportunity to bring order to your finances, and also to face the fears that come up, and find ways to get past the things that stall your growth in this area of your life. Get clear about what is a non-negotiable, and set that energetic stamp. Your financial stability is asking for your commitment. Whatever lessons are coming through money-wise, know that they are speaking to something deeper than your bank balance. The rays of the Sun will be accompanying you this next month to help you get to the root of the issues.

On the 29th, we will have the Full Moon in Aries at 5:57 am EST, shining a light on the quality of the exchanges in your life and the healing that they have brought you. This Full Moon wants to help you release something that has been stuck in your system for far too long. Do what you can to aid yourself through this healing process. You are emptying out, and it’s important that you fill this new space with self-affirmation. So be gentle, be patient, be loving. Grant yourself permission to grieve. Don’t rush through what hurts. Hold yourself through it. Lean on the ones that are willing to help hold you through it.