Key themes: intimacy, powerful and healing conversations, relationship and commitment, owning your story, expanding your mind and your heart, acting on what you know is right, making space for your truth to shine in all areas of your life.

Dear Virgo, we may all still be feeling a bit jet lagged from the eclipse season. What hunger have you been left with when it comes to your future and the expansion that you yearn for? Allow this to inspire your actions. It’s time to dig deeper into the desires that move you.

November arrives with Saturn shifting to go direct on the 4th in the ethereal sign of Pisces. This is happening in your area of partnership, where for the past months you’ve been reviewing your need for commitment, what you want in a relationship, and how you’re able to show up for your significant others. It’ll be easier for you to create, to strengthen, or to renegotiate the inner and interpersonal structures needed for the kind of relationships you want and deserve.

On the 8th, Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, will leave your sign to enter its home sign of Libra, where it will be until December 4th. Happening in your area of resources and self-worth, it’s a good time to check in on what your non-negotiables are in relationship. Listen to your body, it will tell you a lot about what you want, who you want, what feels right and what feels off. If there are issues with how much you or the other feel valued within your current intimate relationships, the root of these issues may become clearer. If you’re up for it, it’s a great time to talk, to share your feelings, and to find what feels pleasurable, reassuring and safe for you both.

On the 10th, Mercury, the Planet of Communication and Exchange, will enter the wisdom-seeking sign of Sag, where it will be until December 1st. We live in a colonized world, what began 500 years ago has not ended, we’re just in the continuation of it, and the current world events are heart wrenching proof. Mercury in your area of roots, family, and ancestry, gives you the chance to revisit your story, how it has been told to you, how you tell it, how you wish to tell it, how you can help break it free.

The New Moon in Scorpio is happening on the 13th, exact at 4:27 am EST, in your area of communication and daily rituals, emphasizing the energy you’ve been swimming in since Scorpio Season began on October 23rd. Are you being patient with yourself? Don’t let the current pull you along. Do your best to remain centered and to take control among all of the noise and things to take care of. Your communications have a way of creating pathways for healing, transformation and renewal. Remember that your words have power. Be intentional about what you say and how you say it. Life is always speaking to you. Pay attention to the mysterious messages that come your way.

On the 22nd, we move into Sag Season, as the Sun shifts into the sign of the Centaur, in the area of your life that has to do with the foundations that sustain and nourish you. What can you do to counteract the epidemic of isolation? What can you do to open your heart within a world that values war over life? Make sure that your approach towards self-preservation is more about becoming the love that you want to see in the world, opposed to locking your body, your mind, and your heart behind closed doors.

On the 24th, Mars moves in the sign of Sag as well, where it will be until January 4th, helping us to stand for what we believe in and to bring our passion into action. This is a reminder that Sag at your root asks for expansion, for challenging the status quo and the ideas that have held you and the world in the same place for far too long. Its a call for you to come out of the comfort that doesn’t allow for revolution.

A Full Moon in your area of professional pursuits and social standing always brings awareness to how you balance what sustains and nurtures you versus what allows you to be someone out in the world. This is the case with the Full Moon in Gemini happening on the 27th, exact at 4:16 am EST. We all leave much of our personal life at home in order to go out into the workforce. We all curate a certain image when it comes to networking for the professional or social positions we desire. This Moon is asking that you are no longer willing to keep separate. It’s time to check in and see if the masks you wear out in the world are weighing too much on your soul.

I’ll leave you with a poem from Nayyirah Waheed that says: “stay soft. it looks beautiful on you.”