Virgo, the month of July begins with a shift in energy as Mars enters Taurus, and Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th. Mars will activate your sense of adventure, and your need for spirituality and philosophical journeys until August 20th. Follow your hunger for new experiences. Mercury will bring more movement into your friendships and communities until the 19th. Keep an open mind, and come closer to the ones that make you think and offer you new perspectives.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is happening on the 13th, at 2:37 pm EST, sparking your joyful and romantic nature, and your creative self-expression. It’s going to shine a light on your passions and your burning desires. What’s the thing you most want to love right now? Follow the urge to bring more structure to all of this fire that’s burning within you, so that your creative projects can thrive and manifest into something greater.

On the 17th, Venus, the planet of love, shifts into foundational Cancer until August 11th, and you’ll be receiving so much warmth from your communities. It’s a beautiful time to value those bonds that you’d like to keep cultivating over time. You may be tempted to let things slide with your friends. Don’t do this with the things that really matter. Be true to what you can and cannot put up with in your relationships.

On the 19th, Mercury shifts into Leo until August 4th, and we begin to get a feel of the season ahead. The past may come up to meet you. You may have to deal with an ex or two sliding into your DMs. Do what you have to do to clear out the inner baggage that you no longer wish to carry around. Make more spaces for silence and solitude throughout your days, to be on your own, to rest and recoup.

We also begin to go deeper into retrograde season on the 19th, as Chiron shifts direction in Aries until December 23rd. This will be a time to heal deep intimacy issues. Bring awareness to your boundaries. Make sure not to take on so much of others’ that you forget to prioritize yourself.

As Leo Season begins on the 22nd, you’ll start to go deeper into yourself. Take this time to let go of the things that you no longer want to hold on to, and to integrate the things you do. You don’t have to make this into such a conscious process. Allow your emotions to take the lead, and trust the work that’s going on behind the scene.

When the New Moon in Leo happens on the 28th, at 1:55 pm EST, is when you’ll most feel the need to slow down in order to refuel energy. Give yourself the space to explore the process you’re in, it’s deep and not easily accessible or understood through the fast moving pace of the mind. You’re close to a rebirth, so treat yourself with the nurturing care that this requires.

Also on the 28th, Jupiter will go retrograde in Aries until November 23rd. This is a time to check in on the opportunities you’re taking, to see if they’re actually helping you feel more empowered. Check in on your sexuality, to see if you’re experiencing it from a place of deep pleasure and mutual respect?