Virgo, you’ve been connecting with some deep emotions that have to do with sexuality, intimacy, boundaries, shared energy and the use of power. April starts out with the New Moon in Aries, plunging you deeper into these realms. You like to have control, but Aries Season tends to be a time of the year that helps you release this need, allowing you to go deeper into your feelings. But you have to stay present and do the work, if not things will just feel uncomfortable, and like you don’t have a say over your personal space.

Own your feelings, own your desires, no matter how dark or taboo you think they may be. Own and face your fears, this is the only way to defeat them. If you do this, you will experience pressure during the process, but transformation and a sense of freedom and pleasure will begin to take over.

When Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, your partnerships will come into focus. Whether the theme is new love, strengthening current bonds, or an ending, you’re being invited to open your heart, and be super empathic with yourself and others. When Mars enters Pisces as well on the 14th, it’ll be easier for you to act on what you feel is right.

On the 10th, when Mercury enters Taurus, things will begin to feel a bit lighter, and your mind can wander. Read things that connect you to new worlds. Engage in mind opening conversations.

Worldwide social events may start to feel a bit out of control this month when Jupiter and Neptune meet in their home sign. I encourage you to find solace in your one-on-one relationships. Love is the best remedy for anything. Even when there are things we can’t fix, at least we know we can bring more love and connection into the world.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 16th is the best excuse you can get to take good care of yourself. Make your self-worth and your most basic physical and emotional needs a priority during the second half of the month. Indulge your senses!

When Taurus Season comes shining through on the 19th, you will feel the weight of your emotions begin to lift. The deeper you allowed yourself to go during Aries Season, the higher you’ll be able to soar now. This will be a time to, slowly but firmly, come out from your comfort zone and explore new terrain. You’ll find that what scared you before, now begins to excite you!

The last days of the month are intense. Pluto will go retrograde on the 29th, awakening old wounds that are ready to be healed. In your case these wounds have to do with your self-expression. Mercury enters Gemini on the same day, inviting you to speak your mind within the workplace. Voice your authority. And we end the month with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th, impacting your belief systems. A new way to see the world wants to be born within you. Question everything, this is how you allow it the space to come through.