It’ll be a pretty deep week Taurus. On Wednesday we’ll all be experiencing a coming full circle with Mercury officially ending the shadow period of its retrograde. For you this retrograde carried themes around your physicality and material realms, so watch this space Taurus! If you’ve been experiencing financial stress or discomfort in your body – this all might start to shift, if you’ve paid attention. From Friday you might start to feel more introverted, intuitive and emotional – in the best way. This is all in preparation for the New Moon in its home sign of watery Cancer. Using a New Moon is the best time to plant seeds of manifestation for the upcoming lunar cycle. For you Taurus, the focus will be on enhancing your sense of emotional safety, comfort and connection to self. This moon asks you specifically to consider: how can you feel good in your body, mind and spirit – by following your interests? How can you stay flexible and keep it moving? How can you retain your childlike curiosity? Tap into what makes life interesting for you Taurus, and go from there.