These past few weeks you’ve been ultra focused on your health, routine, and the services you provide to the world, Taurus. You may have been in a period of re-evaluating how much energy you infuse in others’ well-being, and finding ways to balance out what you give and what you receive. Now that Mercury shifts direct in Libra on Monday, on the same day that Jupiter ends its retrograde in Aquarius, you may start to feel more even-keeled and less confused about your own intentions at work and in your own wellness journey. Let the Aries Full Moon on the 20th help you re-establish your spiritual priorities, even if it means being more selfish in the process. You are the only one who knows what you need to feel fulfilled, so stay focused on your own mission and make the necessary adjustments. Once the Sun enters Scorpio this Saturday the 23rd, your attention shifts to your one-on-one partnerships. You’ll start to feel more passionate, intense, mysterious and seductive under the Scorpio Sun, so get prepared for wild rendez-vous and secret admirers to pop out of the woodworks. Your sex drive may significantly increase too. Enjoy every moment.