Key Themes: Mindfulness in every moment, wise choices, discernment, relationships

Taurus, following the North Node conjunction in your sign… the last week of August may have felt unstable or just a bit ‘off.’ September is going to bring you a sense of reset, as well as stability and (if you allow it) a clear path forward. This can be a magical month.

The Sun is already in earthy Virgo, and on September 5th, your ruling planet (Venus) heads there too. As well as being all about the love language of Service, Virgo is about committing to an ongoing journey of self-improvement. The activation of this sign colors this month with a theme of minimization, and decluttering. You’re being invited to ask yourself in every moment, if your chosen action is the best and highest use of your time. We’re not just talking about ‘progress,’ but rather – if you need to rest, are you resting? If you need to eat well, are you dedicating time to meal preparation? Taurus, the sign of Virgo evokes the wisdom of mindfulness, and when this enters every decision-making process – your life will radically improve.

On September 9th, Mercury begins its retrograde through the sign of Libra. For you Taurus, this retrograde is going to highlight your sector of wellbeing and routine… which places an even deeper emphasis on the themes mentioned above. How can you ensure that your daily actions nurture your body, mind and soul? We’re going back to basics here. Think; water intake, bedtime, daily exercise, alone time and stretching. This could be a very good time to create a whole new routine. Because retrogrades are about reviewing – it’s equally important to look at what’s not working. What (or who) needs to take up less space in your life?

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th will have you leaning into community and group settings. This could be a nice time to connect with others in a new and fresh way. That could mean joining a yoga class, attending a local moon ceremony or simply cooking a new meal for some friends. Rather than simply ‘hanging out’ for the sake of it – reflect on what group settings and dynamics are most uplifting for you? Do you prefer cozy chats at home? Or hiking with friends? Remember you can tick multiple boxes with all of your social endeavors – you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting time, or draining yourself in the process.

With the Sun entering Libra on September 22, you’re also being invited into the lesson of balance. Over the next few weeks it will be worth paying close attention to what throws you out of your equilibrium, as this will be a good entry point for self-reflection and shadow work. Plus the New Moon in Libra on September 25th gives you a fresh new start, with all of the above. Use the week around it to focus on exactly what you would like to call in with the next moon cycle. What would your ideal relationships, life and work look like?