Key Themes: Relationships, asserting your needs, vulnerability, clarity, balance

Taurus, it’s that time of the year again. We’re in the season of your opposite sign: Scorpio. This makes November one of the most potent and powerful months of 2022. Before you feel alarmed, don’t. The good news is…you’re ready for it!

We kick off the month with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign Taurus (Nov 8th). For you, this Full Moon is going to carry a very strong theme of Balance. Movement versus stillness, privacy versus self-expression, independence versus togetherness. There is a sweet spot with all of the above, and it’s up to you to establish it for yourself. For you Taurus, this Scorpio season will be all about getting out of your comfort zone, in a healthy way; pushing the limits on the abundance you’re willing to receive from the universe.

And receive you will Taurus! Because with Venus and Mercury entering the fearlessly proactive sign of Sagittarius (Nov 16th, 17th), it will feel like a fire has been lit under your ass. Suddenly obstacles will feel like minor inconveniences, and your sense of empowerment will be the beacon guiding your way through. Enjoy a boost in confidence and use it to your advantage dear Taurus. Whether this means asking someone out, applying for a new job, booking a holiday, or being honest about your feelings – you will be rewarded for it.

Because the sun is in Scorpio for the bulk of this month (until November 22), there will be a major focus on relationships for you this month. You’ll find this especially regarding themes of vulnerability, honesty and intimacy. You are one of the most self-sufficient signs Taurus, and that’s wonderful. Yet, it this month you may feel reminded of the fact that no man is an island. You also need support, love and encouragement from others – and that’s okay. Feel into the empowerment that arises with actually asserting your needs. Doing so does not make you clingy or weak, rather quite the opposite!

Sagittarius season, as well as the Sag New Moon (November 22nd and 23rd) are going to really highlight your realms of intimacy, hidden desires and fears. So – if you were remaining guarded up until this point, it may start to get uncomfortable right about now. If conflict arises, trust yourself and the other to get through it with love. There’s a high chance you’ll come out the other side with even more love, respect and understanding for each other.

Plus, with Jupiter going direct in Pisces on November 23rd, we’re collectively being brought into that magical type of love that connects everyone and every being on earth. You can always ask the question ‘how would I feel if this was my last day on earth?’ for some healthy perspective. Life can become as heavy as we make it, but if we simply stop assigning labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to our unfolding… there’s a good chance it will flow that much more seamlessly.