Key Themes: Creating your life your way, courage, movement

Taurus, this month invites you into a space of empowerment. You’ll be looking at the many elements that make up your life, then choosing what you need more of – and what needs to go. The powerful eclipse energy that surrounds your sign this month, means it’s a particularly potent and transformative time for you.

On May 2nd, your planetary ruler, Venus, enters the fiery sign of Aries, where it will remain until June 22nd. This initiates a more direct approach to life, as well as a kind of self-centeredness. Notice your reaction to that word, and whether it fills you with guilt or empowerment. That’s a good concept to start with, on your journey of embodying the divine right to prioritize your joy. These energies will be highlighted by Jupiter’s entry into Aries, on the 10th  of May.

We collectively experience the famous Mercury retrograde on May 10th until June 3rd. While the realm of communication and mental processing is having a software update, it’ll be the perfect time for you to tune deeply into your body. Over these weeks, pay particular attention to the simple pleasures; sipping tea, the moment of deep comfort when your body hits your bed at night.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio May 16th  is going to be a deep and transmutative time for you. Scorpio, which is your opposite zodiac sign, tends to reveal the hidden, deep and mysterious aspects of ourselves; including the ones that we want to suppress and pretend aren’t there. Taurus, the shadow side of your sign is an inability to move out of your comfort zone – to face the uncomfortable truths, because they often bring change.

This eclipse will be an invitation away from any such limiting patterns. Rather, the universe supports you in making radical shifts away from any negative, toxic or stagnant dynamics in your life. Your work here, involves leaning into the ‘discomfort’ of your life – being honest with yourself, about the intensity of what’s unfolding – so that it can be transmuted.

May 22nd sees Mercury retrograde shift into your sign, meaning you may experience some questioning around themes of identity… and this could heighten the above energies. But your remedy comes through with Mars entering Aries on May 24th. Here, you’re invited into a space of courage, empowerment and self-trust. You know what to do, and you do have the strength to do it.

The month will feel like it’s coming full circle with Venus’ entry into your sign May 28th, which is where it feels most at home. Life will slow down a bit, and the beauty in the little moments will feel deeper and richer than ever. Here, it’s worth remembering and honoring contrast. If you had never experienced turbulence, failure or heartbreak in your life – the moments of bliss, balance and joy could never feel so sweet.