Congratulations, Sag! Your ruling planet Jupiter has ended its 4.5 month retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. This activated your sector of communication, and may have led to you internalizing most of your cosmic downloads and taking more time to yourself to figure out what your current intentions are. Now that Jupiter, and Mercury, are both direct in Air signs, you’re likely to be feeling more liberated when it comes to self-expression. On the 20th, an Aries Full Moon lights up your sector of creativity, true love, and adventure, helping you shoot your shot romantically and creatively. People will feel drawn to your confidence this week, so let it be felt. Once Scorpio Season starts on Saturday the 23rd, you’ll be in more of a hermit mode as you enter your personal hibernation season in anticipation for your birthday. Let yourself feel all the feels, and keep letting go of what you’ve outgrown.