Key Themes: humour, health, self-confidence, solar return, celebration, gratitude

Sagittarius, we begin the month of November in the midst of Eclipse season, which is preparing you for your annual rebirth. The recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio may have led to unexpected ego deaths and transcendental experiences. Sagittarius, what have you learned about the essence of your existence and the illusions you’ve been attached to? In many ways, you might feel like you’re living between two worlds, so making space for spiritual practices that connect you to a higher power and restore your soul continues to be a priority. You don’t need to meditate on a mountain peak alone to do this though, Sagittarius. In good Sagittarian nature, it might feel good to simply laugh at yourself a bit (or a lot) and be inspired by Charlie Chaplain’s words: “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it.”

Eclipse season culminates with the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in earthy Taurus on November 8th at 6:02am. As this Eclipse conjoins awakening Uranus, you might receive surprising insights in your sector of health and wellbeing. This lunar transit may highlight your attempts (or lack thereof) to organize your life and prioritize your daily routines for physical comfort and safety over the past 6-months. Eclipses emphasize the energy of Full Moons, so pay attention to any physical and emotional signs that come rushing into your awareness. Sagittarius, what are your energy levels, health, and emotional state saying about your day-to-day living and work conditions? Rather than blaming others, these signs can motivate you to make positive changes in your life, Sagittarius.

When Venus, the planet of Love & Connection, (finally) enters your sign on November 16th after traversing emotional Scorpio, you may feel like you’re emerging out of a dark cave with a pep in your step like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure. With Venus in Sagittarius activating your sector of personality until December 9th, you may feel an increased desire to let loose and revere yourself with charm and style. Your buoyant, confident energy inspires people far and wide, Sagittarius, so let yourself be loved.

As Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 17th, your mind aligns with broad visions and optimistic possibilities for your sense of self until December 6th. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you may be inclined to communicate your ideals with people around you. Sagittarius, if your words created your reality and portrayed who you are, how would you use them?

Now, Sagittarius, are you ready for your annual Solar Return? The Sun enters enthusiastic Sagittarius on November 22nd, which initiates Sagittarius season until December 21st. Happy birthday Sagittarius! Be sure to celebrate yourself (LOL, of course, you will!). The Sagittarian Sun energizes your natural confidence and spontaneity, so it’s a good time to assert yourself and carve out your own path. But stay humble and be aware of overoptimism, Sagittarius, and remember philosopher Socrates’ words, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Since you let go of ego attachments in Scorpio season, you’re at the beginning of a new cycle for exploring and directing your identity. This crystallizes with the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd at 5:57pm, as it provides a portal for refreshing your sector of personality. The world is your oyster when it comes to finding your place in it, so how and where will you shoot your arrow, Sagittarius? Infuse these answers into your New Moon intentions which set the tone for the next 4-week cycle.

A few hours later, your ruling planet Jupiter in watery Pisces stations direct in your sector of home and family, which culminates a 12-year cycle of opportunity. As KTZ founder Dossé-Via wrote, “What new knowledge have you accumulated these past years?” It’s time to compassionately let go of any limits imposed by your family of origin, Sagittarius. With Jupiter in Pisces, express gratitude for what’s going well in your domestic sector and remember that home is wherever your heart is. So, Sagittarius, what emulates from your heart when no one is watching?