Key Themes: emotional and physical healing, belonging, legacy, adventure

Sagittarius, the month of July is here to remind you that the world is your oyster – even more so after encountering the world of feelings and tending to your health.

On July 5th, Mars enters earthy Taurus, activating Sagittarius’ sector of health and wellness until August 20th. Mars in Taurus invites you to take care of your physical body and devote your actions toward grounding routines and activities. With Mars in Taurus, you may be energized to develop practical hands-on skills such as DIY projects, gardening, cooking, and crafting. 

On the same day, Mercury enters sensitive Cancer, unveiling a portal of communication to the archetypal Mother for softening matters of the deep psyche and intimacy as it highlights Sagittarius’ sector of death, sex, and shared resources until July 19th.

The Full Moon in traditional Capricorn strikes on July 13th, illuminating Sagittarius’ sector of money and self-esteem. The Capricorn Full Moon may shine a light on family heirlooms and inheritances and remind you to feel the legacy of generations of hard work in your bones, Sagittarius.

Venus enters emotional Cancer on July 17th and, as the Planet of Love activates Sagittarius’ sector of death, sex, and shared resources, you’re invited to connect with the cyclical healing power of the womb. Your mission with Venus in Cancer is to imagine what it would feel like to fully trust and accept your sexual instincts and mortality. Venus in Cancer is a great time for co-regulation with someone who helps you feel safe.

You’ll get a breath of fresh insight as Mercury enters Leo on July 19th through August 3rd, activating Sagittarius’ sector of travel and philosophy. With Mercury in Leo, a fellow fire sign, your mind will shift from the world of emotions to one of bigger perspectives and spontaneity.

You are worthy of belonging simply because you exist, Sagittarius, and Chiron’s retrograde in Aries from July 19th to December 23rd, provides space to integrate any pain you feel in your sector of self-expression and creativity.

On July 22nd, the Sun enters playful Leo, lighting up Sagittarius’ sector of travel and philosophy until August 22nd. Welcome to Leo season! Adventure naturally courses through your veins, Sagittarius, and by this point, you’ll be itching for travel and new experiences. Your mission with the New Moon in Leo on July 28th is to infuse your worldview with a renewed sense of positivity and gratitude for life, based on the new insights you found while traversing the territory of your inner world and physical wellbeing.

Retrograde season continues as your ruling planet Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, turns retrograde from July 28th until November 23rd.  Jupiter’s retrograde in fiery Aries compels you to explore the affirmation “I am __” and see what comes up when you ask both your heart and mind to fill in the blank.

As Uranus conjoins the North Node in earthy Taurus on July 31st, imagine thunder rumbling the foundation of your health and wellbeing for your soul’s evolutionary path. With Uranus conjunct the North Node, pay attention to any sudden awakenings and innovations that impact your daily routines.