Key Themes: Empowerment, celebration, community, self-care

Can you believe we’re at the last month of the year Sagittarius?

We’re still in your season for most of it, making it one of your most beautiful months of the year. December invites you to step into your own power, freedom and authentic embodiment in new and beautiful ways. You’re continuously on a journey of growing and learning Sag, and this time will be no different. The universe is reminding you to be gentle with yourself, to let go of expectations and any harsh standards you’re carrying. This can be your gift for yourself through this next Solar return.

The month begins with the planet of dreams and spirit (Neptune) going direct in its home sign, Pisces (December 3rd). This magical shift will feel like the beauty and love is back in focus, or higher resolution. It will be a powerful time to connect with other like minds, and to see what new forces of potential collaborative manifestation are at play. It’ll feel equal parts spiritual and beautiful, so it could be a nice time to begin (strengthen or return to) a deeply connective community – for example Yoga, Capoeira or Qi Gong classes.

On December 7th the Gemini Full Moon further highlights this idea, as it activates your sector of relationships. Here, there’s a reminder to seek out and surround yourself with humans who are just as powerful as you. Or even better, the ones who inspire you to grow. These are the beings who do not feel like victims to the universe, and rather choose to live life in an active and embodied way. The ones who seek to grow, learn and have fun along the way. There’s that idea that you’ll be the average of the five people you spend the most time with Sagittarius, so take a good look at whether (or not) that averages out to something reflective of your highest self.

Jupiter enters Aries on December 20th, meaning the planet of luck and expansion is lighting a fire beneath our individual journeys. Jupiter is your ruler Sag, so this is going to feel wonderful. If you’ve been experiencing some lethargy, stuckness or uncertainty, you’ll likely start receiving inspiration right around now.

On December 21st we move out of your season and into Capricorn. This energy activates your sector of natural beauty and physical health. This means the next four weeks will be a time to connect to the earth, and nurture yourself through simple tools.

Good food, lots of water and sunlight. It’s amazing how calming the nervous system can open us up to new ideas, focus, energy and clarity. Capricorn season invites you to lean into exactly this – and what better foundation to launch into the new and glorious year of 2023.