Sagittarius, the month of April invites you to let your inner child out to play. The first New Moon of the astrological year strikes on April 1st in fiery Aries, which activates Sagittarius’ sector of creativity. You are the adventure of a lifetime, and this New Moon motivates you to shine in the spotlight and express yourself boldly. Consider how you’d like to shine this year, and don’t hold back. From now until April 16th is a wonderful time for manifesting your deepest desires with a vision board.

The New Moon conjoins Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, which has the potential to highlight your tendency to overextend yourself and impose your strong beliefs onto others. It isn’t uncommon for you to be spicy, and your lesson with this transit is to keep your ego in check. It is up to you to channel your Inner Badass in healthy ways. Try your best to avoid unconsciously acting from anger, and being overly confident to a fault. There is nothing to prove, Sagittarius, so use the action-oriented energy of Aries season to live your best life.

Channel your zest for life with adventure, travel, an interesting conversation with a stranger, a good book, or an exotic recipe. This month, you may also be in the mood to heat up your sex life and enjoy all the pleasures. Your natural optimism inclines you to joyously anticipate each day and seek out new experiences. However, be aware of overindulging and leading yourself to burnout. Rather than constantly chasing the big highs, remember revel in the simple pleasures, too.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the 12th activates Sagittarius’ sector of the home and can offer a much-needed respite from outward-focused energy. In the midst of all your adventures, this transit has the potential to heighten your spiritual connection and creative imagination. Tune into yourself and you may be awestruck by the insights that come your way when you slow down enough to listen. Open your mind’s eye and you will see that what you have been seeking has been seeking you too. There is no rush; take a deep breath, and enjoy the journey.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 16th asks you to balance out your fiery nature and practice the art of healthy diplomacy. This transit activates Sagittarius’ sector of technology and friendships, so themes related to relationships, future goals, and a sense of belonging may be illuminated. Allow the Moon’s healing stream to pour into your heart, and practice gratitude for all you have.

Come Taurus Season on April 19th, it will be increasingly important to focus on grounding your energy to keep your willpower alive. The Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on the 30th activates Sagittarius’ sector of health and wellness. Spiritually, you are limitless, yet you are a human with responsibilities. This compels you to organize your life and prioritize routines for wellbeing.