Pisces, how are you flowing after Sunday’s mighty lion’s gate and new moon conjunction? Invigorated, I’m sure?! Leo season is spotlighting your 6th house of health, wellness, and routine; use the portal’s energy to push your health goals into overdrive this week. Your opposite sign, Virgo, spends time aspecting multiple planets this week, blanketing our week with a sense of practicality and perfectionism. This is the perfect time to pull your goals out of the clouds and bring them into reality. Remember, it’s an act of self-love to implement discipline with yourself. This focus on self will come in handy later this week when Mercury enters Virgo highlighting your 7th house of partnerships. Watch out for secrets, cheating, and lies that may be revealed in love and romance. This is not the time to lean into codependency; remain the focal point of your story this week.