Key Themes: social network, self-love, self-esteem, daily habits

Pisces, the month of July is ripe for summertime-lovin’, assessing who you surround yourself with, and enthusiastically approaching your daily routines.

On July 5th, Mars enters earthy Taurus, compelling you to assert your will in your sector of communication and learning for peace and quiet. With Mars in Taurus, you may feel energized for short-distance travel, especially for attuning to your senses and being receptive to the language of nature.

The next day on July 4th, Mercury enters tender Cancer, a fellow water sign, activating Pisces’ sector of self-expression and creativity until July 19th. Mercury in Cancer blends harmoniously with your Pisces energy, so it’s a prime time for connecting your mind with your subjective world of feelings in the realm of creativity.

The Full Moon in mature Capricorn on July 13th may illuminate sensitivities in your sector of friendships and future goals. While it’s in your nature to be welcoming of all living beings, the Capricorn Full Moon encourages you to take a realistic assessment of who you surround yourself with and the groups you’re a part of. Your mission with the Capricorn Full Moon is to intuit whether it’s time to walk away from or elevate your social network.

A few days later, Venus enters nurturing Cancer on July 17th and, as the Planet of Love activates your sector of creativity and self-expression, it sets the stage for summertime-lovin’ and finding a sweet rhythm in pleasure and playfulness. Be aware of wearing rose-coloured glasses and, if you’re falling in love with anyone, make sure to look in the mirror and give yourself the love that you so easily give to others, Pisces’

As Mercury enters confident Leo on July 19th, your thoughts shift to areas of health, wellness, and service until August 3rd. When it comes to receiving feedback from others on how valuable you are, Mercury in Leo can help you be your own best cheerleader and vitalize your daily self-talk with positive affirmations.

Retrograde season continues as Chiron in assertive Aries begins a 6-month retrograde on July 19th through December 23rd in Pisces’ sector of money and self-esteem. As the wisdom of the Wounded Healer turns inwards, you’re given space to revisit the ways in which your sense of self-worth and existence may be wounded.

On July 22nd, the Sun enters charismatic Leo, lighting up Pisces’ sector of health, wellness, and service until August 22nd. Welcome to Leo season! The New Moon in Leo on July 28th, and the following 10 days, provide a powerful portal for starting new habits and organizing your life to joyously anticipate each day. With the Leo New Moon, along with Mercury, consider what would help you wake up feeling excited for what lies ahead.

If you’ve been doubting yourself, Jupiter’s retrograde in Aries, from July 28th until November 23rd, can help you realign your self-esteem towards a more expansive source of consciousness: The one from within that honours your primal sense of existence.

On July 31st, Uranus conjoins with the North Node in Taurus, electrifying Pisces’ sector of communication and learning. While the Planet of Awakening aligns with your soul’s evolutionary path, pay attention to any shifts in your perception for transcending social programming and following your own truth.