Pisces, 2022 started out with Mercury entering Aquarius and with the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn. Mercury is at a loss for words here. Explore the treasures that are hidden within your psyche without the need to voice them. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, a lot of emotions may come up, and you may feel blocked. The best thing to do is be with it. Even if it takes time, don’t let yourself go. On the 18th Uranus goes direct just before Aquarius Season begins. Be honest in how you connect with others. Bring all of what you are. With the Full Moon in Cancer the next day ask yourself, what life sustaining creations do you want to be investing your energy in? During the last week of January, Mars enters Capricorn, and Venus goes direct in the same sign. You’ll have the strength to stand your ground and stand by what you believe in without giving into peer pressure.