Key Themes: inner work, spiritual maturity, healing, partnerships, family

Pisces, the month of August offers possibilities for emotional freedom and supportive relationships, but it requires you to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

On August 4th, Mercury, the planet of Communication, enters your opposing sign Virgo, compelling you to focus your mind on improving your sector of partnerships until August 25th. While it’s in your nature to approach things intuitively, Mercury in Virgo can help you speak more precisely in your one-to-one interactions.

Venus enters fiery Leo on August 11th, and as the Planet of Love, Beauty and Connection activates Pisces’ sector of health, wellness and service until September 5th, it’s a favourable time for integrating pleasure in your daily routines and work activities. With Venus in Leo, you may be in the mood to have fun and socialize with your co-workers more than usual.

The lunar cycle peaks on August 11th with the Super Full Moon in progressive Aquarius, illuminating Pisces’ sector of spirituality and healing. As this Full Moon conjoins with reality-striking Saturn, subconscious fears and skeletons that have been kept hidden – perhaps related to your sense of belonging in the world – may bubble up to the surface to be worked through and healed. On the flip side of this Full Moon’s inner work is emotional freedom and spiritual maturity. This Full Moon also coincides with the Lunar Lammas, so consider doing a ritual of connection if it feels right.

On August 20th, Mars enters open-minded Gemini, challenging you to assert yourself in versatile ways in Pisces’ sector of home and family until November 23rd. With Mars in Gemini, you may feel energized by learning about your ancestry, hearing stories from your past, and connecting with children.

On August 22nd, the Sun enters earthy Virgo, vitalizing Pisces’ sector of partnerships until September 22nd. Welcome to Virgo season! Virgo season compels you to bring much needed structure and grounding to your relationships by focusing on practical concerns and organizing details that been left on the backburner.

Beginning on August 24th through the rest of 2022, Uranus turns retrograde in practical Taurus, providing an opportunity to revisit and integrate any awakenings that have occurred in your sector of communication and learning. With Uranus retrograde, consider asking questions about the information you’re gathering in your environment to help you discern your true voice amongst the noise.

Your mind shifts toward matters of the deep psyche and intimacy as Mercury, the planet of Communication, enters peaceful Libra on August 25th, activating Pisces’ sector of death, sex and shared resources until September 23rd. Mercury in Libra encourages you to have rationale and diplomatic conversations about topics that typically create turbulence such as finances, power, sex, and emotions.

The month ends with the New Moon in Virgo on August 27th, activating Pisces’ sector of partnerships. This Virgo New Moon challenges you to renew the details of mutually beneficial relationships and to work on being more supportive. The next 10 days offers a wonderful opportunity to sort out issues of sharing and companionship.