Key themes: connecting to your immediate environment, having more conversations around self-worth, being mindful about your boundaries, cultivating more moments of sweetness within your home, honoring your talents.

Dear Pisces, there has been so much movement in the cosmos since the beginning of the astrological year. Mars finally left its 7 month residency through Gemini, entering Cancer, where it invites us to be courageous with our emotions.

Pluto’s shift into Aquarius for the next 20 years, after having spent the past 15 years in the sign of Capricorn, helping to reveal and dismantle the societal structure that only work for the few, will now show us what we have to heal and bring to the surface regarding collectivity and our ability to work together towards shared causes. Prepare for some deep transformation to occur within or through your healing journey and your liminal realms.

With Saturn also having shifted signs, into Pisces, we’re becoming more permeable and empathic, and this will require us to consistently check in on our personal boundaries. This is especially noticeable for you within your personal goals and journey of self-discovery. This is an invitation to show up and to put in the time. Your identity and passion projects will begin to take on a sturdier -and at the same time malleable- form.

The month of April begins with Mercury stepping out of Aries and settling into Taurus on the 3rd, in your area of communication and daily activities. Be more present. Find inspiration in the world around you. Walk more through your neighborhood and your local parks. Soak up the sounds, the sights and even the smells of your environment. You’ll be surprised by the compelling insights that are waiting for you in your immediate surroundings. Life wants to communicate with you, and you don’t have to travel far to receive its message.

The Full Moon in Libra happens on the 6th at 12:34 am EST, shining a light on your shared resources and collaborations. How are you currently working with your assets? What do you borrow, trade, and have to work with? And how do you cultivate this? How do you care for this? Don’t let certain cutbacks scare you. Not everything can grow at once. There are times when contractions must happen before expansion comes. Trust that what you’re experiencing is a natural part of your overall growth.

On the 11th, Venus, the planet of love, will enter the connection seeking sign of Gemini. If you’ve been desiring a spring refresh, Venus can help you add beautiful touches to your home. You may find yourself drawn to family heirlooms and traditions that connect you to your roots. Take the time to reorganize the family photos or cook a cherished family recipe. These acts of ritual and time travel can be deeply healing. Another powerful way to commune with your ancestors can be by learning a craft that connects you to your lineage. Writing a love letter to your inner child can also be a replenishing and healing act.

Eclipse Season is back, and we’ll have a New Moon Total Annular Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 2oth at 12:12 am EST, right before the Sun moves into Taurus. As this happens in your area of resources and financial matters, it’s an invitation to recommit to valuing your talents. As a sensitive and an intuitive, you’re able to recognize when a certain aspect of your life is no longer serving you. Whether it’s a business endeavor, a client relationship, or an investment opportunity that just doesn’t seem to add up anymore. This may be the time to make the tough decisions of conserving your energy and redirecting it towards more fulfilling ventures.

Then at 4:13am EST, that same day, we make way for Taurus Season, shining a light on your communication. This Season is an invitation to pay close attention to how you speak. The words and the phrasings you use carry a lot of weight. So, use them wisely. Also pay attention to your inner dialogue, and how you speak to yourself. Work on being kinder, more loving, and bringing a more positive and empowering vibe to your thought process. Work on doing the same for your routines. If there are things you do on a daily basis that drain you. It’s time to switch it up. Find what nourishes you, what connects you back to yourself, what brings more humor into your life. On the next day, Mercury goes retrograde also in the sign of Taurus, taking you through a process of reviewing all of this, and maybe bringing some setbacks that can help you establish the truth of what you need before you can more authentically express yourself.