Happy Virgo New Moon, Libra! Your sector of spirituality and healing is activated by Monday’s New Moon, so make sure you’re starting the week feeling rested and rejuvenated. Avoid the urge to place a bunch of items on your to-do list, or else you’ll burn yourself out before even getting started with anything. Use the fact that both Mercury and Venus are in Libra to get clear about any personal blockages you may have felt prior to this New Moon, and then set intentions regarding how you can work to overcome limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from stepping into the next chapter of your life. Once Venus, your planetary ruler, shifts into Scorpio on the 10th, you’ll start thinking about your finances in a more focused way. Make sure that your pathways to wealth genuinely bring you joy and fulfillment. If not, it may be time to start looking into other alternatives that don’t compromise your sense of freedom and bliss.