Libra, this week we head into more fiery energy, as Mercury joins the Sun in Leo. This moves through your sector of the collective and society… so you’ll be drawing a natural bridge between the ways that you honor your individuality – as well as the needs of others. It’s a balance the whole world is in the midst of figuring out, as we move through this age of Aquarius. This will be a powerful time to look at your personal belief systems Libra. Try and bring your awareness to figuring out which are naturally coming from you – and which are arising simply as a reflection of those around. When you’re operating from a place of natural and universal laws versus man-made ideas of ‘right and wrong,’ – life will flow in a much more harmonious way. Mars moving into Virgo later during the week invites you to perfect your life and align it with your visions and dreams. It’s time to clear out the old, and make room for the new.