Libra, Mercury’s 3-week retrograde through your sign comes to an end this week! You’ll still need about two-weeks to readjust to Mercury’s direct motion, so ease into the work week with the spirit of flexibility and gratitude. On top of that, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, shifts direct in Aquarius on Monday, after a 4.5 month retrograde in your sector of fate, true love, and adventure. Any doubts or concerns you had about your romantic or creative options are likely to start to fade in the coming weeks, as you are able to integrate the lessons from retrograde season and clearly see what you’re meant to learn in order to step into the new cycle of your life. Wednesday’s Aries Full Moon activates your relationship sector. You may reach closure in a partnership-related issue that’s been hanging over your head these past six months, or a current connection (or connections) could go to the next level if all parties are aligned. Let yourself feel the love that you know you deserve.