Key Themes: sexuality, professional pursuits, healing, networking, social life.

Libra, the month of July begins with a shift in energy as Mars enters Taurus, and Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th. Mars will activate your shared energy, sexuality, intimacy and collaborations until August 20th. Don’t ignore conflicts. Remember that the goal isn’t to win the discussion. Aim towards mutual understanding, growth and transformation. Mercury will bring more movement into your professional pursuits and long-term goals until the 19th. Use your verbal abilities to get to where you want to be. 

The Full Moon in Capricorn is happening on the 13th, at 2:37 pm EST, sparking the traditions that encourage your autonomy. It’s a time to create conditions where healing can occur. What do you tell yourself about your past? Open up to seeing past events under a more loving and understanding light. Give yourself credit for the things that have helped you to grow and get to where you are today.

On the 17th, Venus, the planet of love, shifts into foundational Cancer until August 11th, so get ready to be praised for your work. This kind of recognition will help you to reinforce your reasons for doing what you do, and will help you fall deeper in love with your projects. Putting yourself on display isn’t always easy, but as you confront your fears with compassion, you’ll be able to expand far beyond your safe space.

On the 19th, Mercury shifts into Leo until August 4th, and we begin to get a feel of the season ahead. This energy will ignite your social life. You’ll be feeling more confident and optimistic, and others will want to be around you! It’ll be a great time to go out, do some networking, and connect with the kind of people you see yourself creating community with. 

We also begin to go deeper into retrograde season on the 19th, as Chiron shifts direction in Aries until December 23rd, turning your attention towards your career and the life path that you’ve chosen. Are you happy with where you are? Do you feel that your long-term creative projects or professional pursuits accompany or make space for your healing process? 

As Leo Season begins on the 22nd, it wants to help you have some fun! This will be a time to connect with your friends and communities. Make space to refuel the appreciation that you have for one another. Infuse some loving energy into the relationships that have been dwindling lately. Go to the places and stick to the people that energize you and encourage your growth even when it brings about change.

The New Moon in Leo happens on the 28th, at 1:55 pm EST, inspiring you to recommit to your dreams. Hold on to the visions that you have for the future, and to the fact that they can actually come true. Focus on the good of the collective. Hold that near to your heart. Who are your accomplices? Who are the ones that help you to see the beauty and the probability of a future you want to be around for?

Also on the 28th, Jupiter will go retrograde in Aries until November 23rd. There’s so much for you to learn through the experiences and interactions within your partnerships. Difficult relationships may come to an end. Remember that the bonds you want to see grow need presence and warmth.