The sun has just shifted out of your sign dear Leo, and into the grounding energies of Virgo. When we shift from Leo to Virgo, there can be an experience of ‘falling.’ Think of a-lightning-bolt-that-turns-everything-upside-down type of energy. As we move into Virgo, our neighboring sign, we learn that we can’t always rush ahead at full steam in pursuit of our dreams. Sometimes, rather – it takes a slowing down, refinement, practice and patience to make something work. These aren’t energies that come very naturally to you Leo, which is why adopting them with a conscious effort will bring you all kinds of magic. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a ‘master’ of one’s craft. If you do experience impatience this week, step back and breathe. Remind yourself you’re always moving – and each little step, brings you closer and closer to your dreams.