Leo, now that both Mars and Venus are in your sign, life hits different. The key to making this an amazing week is to get very specific about what you want to give your attention to, what you want to ask for, and why. The more you can tap into what your “why” is, the easier it becomes for the Universe to help pave a path for you. Monday – Wednesday’s Pisces Moon may lead to many answers and solutions revealing themselves in your dreams, so keep a dream notebook near your bed. Once the Moon shifts into your fellow fire sign of Aries on Thursday and Friday, you’ll be ready to be more seen, and some of you may get media recognition on these days. This weekend you’ll find yourself feeling lowkey on Saturday due to the Taurus Moon, and then amped up and easily triggered on Sunday due to a planetary square between the Moon in Taurus and Mars in your sign. Don’t let your pride or ego cause you to impulsively burn bridges, Leo. Find constructive outlets for your frustrations instead, and know that it’s only temporary.