Leo, you’ve been chillin’ during most of retrograde season, and not causing too much trouble. But this week’s Aries Full Moon, combined with the fact that Mercury and Jupiter both end their retrograde, can have you acting up in ways that we all need, honestly. You’re feeling fiery, you’re feeling sexy, you’re feeling ready to make your mark after a period of more introspective, private, and restructuring vibes. Use the Aries Full Moon on the 20th to launch a project that’s been on hold, or to say yes to someone who’s been consistently giving you butterflies in your DMs. You deserve to let loose and have fun, and you’ll start to feel less burdened by responsibilities now that we’re making our way out of retrograde season. Once Scorpio Season begins this Saturday though, your sector of roots is activated, which means your homebody vibes may re-emerge. But you won’t want to be alone through it all — you’ll want to be with someone who feels like home. So dare to let your guard down enough to let that be known. You’ll be glad you chose vulnerability over pride.