Key Themes: Grounding yourself, new resolutions, growth, evaluation

Leo, you’ve just had your solar return and consequently a portal of growth, reflection, and celebration. This month is going to be all about grounding the lessons of your last year into the present – stepping into the new and ‘improved’ version of yourself.
Venus entering Virgo on September 5th brings you into a more thoughtful space, where you may feel the inclination to slow life down. Virgo reminds us that faster and bigger are not necessarily better. Here, there’s wisdom in mindfulness, presence and taking your time. Planning each and every step of the way to see life moving like clockwork can be a hugely satisfying thing, and it’s certainly that time of the year.

Mercury retrograde on September 9th is also an invitation to slow down, assess and act accordingly. For you Leo, you’ll notice an activation in your sector of community. This will be a time to reflect on your sense of ‘belonging.’ Have you found your tribe or soul family? Who are the ones that fill you with inspiration and support? Retrogrades often call for readjustments and tweaks, so be patient if you notice things aren’t quite where you want them to be yet. It’s all a process – and you might just see it come full circle with this month’s New Moon.

Leo, September 21 could bring a sense of ‘stuckness’ as we experience a tension between Jupiter and Saturn. This could feel like your sense of individualism being restricted by the opinions, voices or rules of others. If plans don’t feel seamless here, not to worry – there will be a hidden lesson. Whether this means loosening authoritative grips in your life, or simply engaging in an honest conversation: you’ve got this Leo. There are enough retrogrades unfolding right now that life may not feel as seamless and fast-paced as usual, but this month you’re invited to pause and just be with this. It’s when life’s not going perfectly, that you’ll have the time to refine and tweak things to align with your goals. These periods are simply part of the process.

Plus, there’s a high chance that the very next day life will feel light again – with the sun entering Libra. This season tends to be one of the more fun and experimental of the year. Socializing is turned up a notch and all of a sudden your worries will feel slightly more trivial. This can lead to an extremely empowering mindset, as no obstacle is too big. That being said, be careful of scattering your efforts around this time Leo, as it may be a little more difficult to focus.

New Moons always birth new opportunities and a blank slate, and the Libra New Moon on September 25th offers you exactly this. Once again activating your sector of belonging and community – this will be a time to draw on your reflections over the month and to call in exactly what (and who) you want for your dream life. Try vision boarding or sharing with loved ones, to plant seeds for the new lunar cycle.