Key Themes: making space for emotion, finding your truth, pace, enjoying your own company

Leo, with the sun (your planetary ruler) in Scorpio for the most part of November, this month will carry themes of emotional catharsis, transformation and emotional healing. We’re almost at the end of the year and things tend to get a little more social around now – but taking time to be truly present with yourself and your emotions will be one of the most beneficial things you can do. Scorpio season is all about shining a spotlight on those dynamics, fears, triggers and subconscious motivations which can feel more comfortable to ignore. Think of this month as one for deep cleaning. It’s time to lean into radical self-honesty, to give you the clearest and most solid foundation possible – before you launch into the new year.

The Eclipse on November 8th takes place in the sign of earthy Taurus. Leo, your sector of physical abundance, career and wealth is going to be activated with this Full Moon – making it quite the abundance portal. Because this Moon is conjunct the North Node, there’s an evolutionary energy to it; that is you’re being invited to step confidently into the future. With Uranus meeting the moon, there’s a reminder that the world is not going to look the same in 2,5, or 10 years. This means it’s worth remaining highly adaptable to the changing tides of economy, career and wealth… because with the ever changing (infinite) possibilities, you truly can find the best fit for you. If you’ve been feeling ‘stuck’ in a career sense, this is the time to make moves. Either shoot your shot and apply for a whole new dream job, or simply sit down and write out your alternate options. Putting energy into other possibilities is the first step to opening another door. Leo, as a sign that hates stagnancy, this eclipse will feel highly inspiring and full of potential.

An upshift of inspiration continues to climb with Venus entering fiery Sagittarius on November 16th, followed by Mercury the next day (November 17th). This energy activates your sector of play, self-expression and romance. Life will start to feel lighter and brighter, particularly around November 22 when the Sun also moves into Sagittarius. The shift from Scorpio to Sag season can be a little like driving out of a tunnel into bright daylight, so be careful to walk before you run. Swinging too impulsively into socializing, work or travel could mean that you burn out too quick – so pace yourself darling Leo.

For you Leo, the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd will feel like home. This warm energy illuminates your sector of self-love, so why not lean into that alllll the way? Spoil yourself by taking yourself out on a date, or nestling in with Uber Eats and a book. Here, there’s a reminder that it’s okay to seek pleasure for yourself. Some of the best moments of your life will be with just you Leo, and that’s just fine. Afterall, it’s actually your sign that teaches the rest of the zodiac the value in being one’s own best friend.