Key Themes: Seeing relationships differently, patience, emotional release, acceptance

Leo, eclipse seasons are always notable points of the year – full of surprises, transmutation and growth. May is going to carry all of the above, and you’ll be here for it. You’re moving closer towards creating the life of your dreams, full of abundance, self-love, and supportive relationships (some of the key themes for the month of May).

On May 1st, we have a Pluto retrograde kicking off in your opposite sign of Aquarius. While Mercury Retrogrades tend to have hype around them, it’s really Pluto that we should all be looking out for. Because Pluto represents our subconscious realms, fears and conflict – this flavor of retrograde tends to bring out the skeletons in the closet, on both personal and collective levels.

Leo for you, this takes place in your sector of relationships. Whew. You’ll likely begin noticing previously unseen dynamics in your relationships, or others around you in a new light. This doesn’t have to be super dramatic, but it could soon be time to reset boundaries or have some clear conversations about expectations.

Breathe space into any conflict that arises, because ultimately, conflict is not always bad. Sometimes, it’s simply a necessary journey to travel through with a loved one – in order to come out more aligned together, on the other side.

Do your best to avoid blowing up or making any impulsive decisions. This retrograde is going to play out for the next few months, so know that you’re not going to have all your answers all at once! (As a fixed sign I know that hurts to hear).

On May 5th, we have our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio which activates your sector of emotional healing and family. Leo, this is going to be a time to go deep, into (for you) one of the most emotionally cathartic windows of the year.

Tune into your inner world, and be honest with yourself about how you feel. It might be time for a big cry, or to bliss out within your happiness. Remember: neither of those states are better or worse, and to feel “negative” emotions does not mean that you’re failing. Either way, feel all the feels. Allow them to flow through your body, to release any stagnant emotion which may be manifesting physically. You’ll feel so much lighter for it.
Tip: if it’s an option, it could be a good time to get a massage around now. Or self-massage!

On May 14th, Mercury ends its retrograde in Taurus, activating your sector of physical abundance, career, and finance. You might start to feel some cogs begin turning around this time, or doors being opened. There’s a reminder here that even if your sphere of abundance isn’t exactly where you would like it to be just yet – try not to lose your sense of self-empowerment lovely Leo.

Often, we’re brought to our knees (or at least into “unwanted experiences) in order to gain wisdom, empathy, and the tools required to cultivate our dreams. Trust this process.

On May 20th, the sun enters the playful sign of Gemini bringing a lighter sense of existence, as we move out of earthy Taurus. While inspiration here flows more freely, try your best to keep some Taurus medicine with you through this season. Stay connected to your breath, body and personal sense of being. Gemini season can evoke confusion, as everyone’s voices are turned up energetically. Still Leo, know that you can always find your own truth (as cheesy as it sounds) within your big heart.