Key Themes: New beginnings, shadow work, will power, balance

Leo, this month is likely going to feel like a fresh chapter for you! With the magic of eclipse season still very much present, the waves of change are palpable and you’ll be feeling it. More than that, you’ll be growing alongside them.

On May 2nd, we see the planet of love (Venus) entering fellow fire-sign Aries, where it’s going to stay until the end of the month. This planetary transit will feel like a spark is being lit. Taurus season has meant that your life isn’t moving quite as dynamically as you’d maybe prefer, but that’s all about to shift.

A good channel to direct this energy arises on May 3rd, with a harmonious connection between Jupiter and Pluto. This day could bring you some epiphanies, revelations and ideas regarding how to relieve past pain points in order to move into your future dreams. It’ll be a powerful time for journaling, solitude and checking in on your emotional world.

Mercury goes retrograde on May 10th, and you might feel it through your interactions with broader social groups or communities. Remember, this could be either digitally or physically. There’s an invitation for you here, to find your sweet spot within all of your social networks and the web of human connection. Who are your real soul family? How can you strengthen and expand your foundation of like-minded friends?

Also on the 10th,, Jupiter enters the sign of Aries – expanding your journey of Self. This initiates a period where connecting to the basic core of who you are, will be extremely rewarding. It’s a time to connect to your primal desires, impulses and willpower. This means it could be a wonderful time to start more physically strenuous activities, reignite intimacy with a partner, or launch an idea into physical reality. A tension between Uranus and Jupiter on May 11 could bring an obstacle into this intention, but it may also provide an alternate (and even better) solution.

The Full Moon eclipse on May 16th is one of the most notable events of this astrological year. Here Leo, you’re invited into a deep dive into yourself. This will be a time to consciously examine your fears, triggers, limitations, and all that you usually choose to ignore. Booking a therapy session around this time will be particularly powerful – but if that doesn’t float your boat, the listening ear of a trusted friend can work just as well.

Mars entering its home sign of Aries on May 24 may start to turn up the pace of life, work commitments, and social appointments. But you’ll notice that Venus entering her home sign of Taurus on May 28th provides you with a remedy to turn down the heat. Taking moments to simply breathe, connect with the earth and your body will ensure that you don’t find yourself in a place of overwhelm. This year’s theme with the Lunar North Node in Taurus is largely about connecting to your body in a more powerful way than ever before, and this time can offer the perfect practice ground.