Key Themes: Finding ease, slowing down, networking, career, seeing the world differently

Leo, your year has arrived! 2023 will be the year to build, develop and grow the themes that you so brilliantly navigated in 2022. This year can be lighter, bigger and better – but more than that, it can be so much more easeful than the last. A key theme you’re working with for the whole year will be honoring your nervous system and rhythms. In other words, no longer relying on stress, adrenaline or pressure to drive you through life – but rather taking all of your actions from a space of abundance, spaciousness and balance.

On Jan 6th we have our first Full Moon of the year, a reminder of all the above. It takes place in the moon’s home sign of Cancer, rendering this night (and those surrounding) one of the most powerful and emotional portals of the year. For you, this activates your sector of health and physicality – so as mentioned earlier, it’s a time to honor your body deeply. Slow life down around now if possible, to really just be with yourself. Notice your breath, stretch your body, drink plenty of water – and enjoy the spaciousness of your mind when you do pause life around you. As a fire sign, often this is the best medicine.

Besides, a week later the pace turns back up on Jan 12th with Mars ending its retrograde and going direct in the sign of Gemini. This specifically illuminates your sector of community and networking. In other words, get social! This will be the perfect time for collaboration, group projects or simply sharing ideas and inspiration. You’re a highly independent sign, but as they say – no man is an island Leo. Notice how much creativity opens up when you do allow yourself to be supported and enhanced by others around you. Remember: asking for help doesn’t imply any weakness, but rather: intelligence! Simply because it means you’re able to see and use the resources around you. This in itself can be a hack to fast track your path.

It really is all systems go, because a week later (Jan 18th) we also end our Mercury retrograde, with the planet of communication going direct in Capricorn. As this activates your sector of transformation you might be having some huge epiphanies, downloads and realizations right around now – particularly within the sphere of career and finances. Get ready and stay open to the whispers of the universe. Listen to your intuition and pay close attention to the lessons which flow through here.

On Jan 20th, Aquarius season begins, as well as its New Moon the very next day. This could be a social time for you, or one to deepen an intimate relationship. There’s an invitation to be vulnerable here Leo. Not only will it feel better for yourself to shed your defenses and simply be… it’ll likely pay off, because your gigantic heart can be quite magnetic.We end the month on a dreamy note with Venus entering Pisces on Jan 26th. Venus here tends to reflect themes of unconditional love, spiritual connection and the intuitive language which invisibly governs the universe. This time could feel like your lens is being defogged, and the world can become that much more interconnected and beautiful.