Key Themes: health, habits, relationships and self-love

Leo, the bulk of August sees the sun transiting your sign… which means Leo season is still going strong!
Because of the retrogrades taking place this month, the month could feel a little slower than usual – but with it being the time of your solar return you’ll probably still feel like you’re on fire anyway (in the best way)!

Mercury leaves your sign to enter Virgo, on August 4th. Virgo tends to activate your sector of health and body Leo, meaning this month in general will be a great time to reconnect with sensuality and health. This could mean means implementing a fitness practice, eating well – or demonstrating self- love through techniques like daily self-massage, or a dope skincare routine.

Magically, on August 11th Venus is entering your sign. This is the kind of transit that highlights and magnifies beauty. The next few weeks will be a wonderful time to connect with nature, to get off your phone, and fall into presence with the rhythms of the Earth. It might seem like plants and animals and turning it up – because with Venus (the planet of beauty) in your sign, it’s like abundance is pointed at you! Enjoy!

We also see a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th. This moon is going to be activating your sector of relationships. Leo, this means it could be interesting to me to reflect on your relationships, as a whole. That is; the ones that are forming, that already exist or those which have fallen away. Things can always take a nostalgic turn around your solar return, so be gentle with yourself here. Pay attention to the friends that are really on your team, versus those who are there for less loving reasons. Who we choose to surround ourselves with, should reflect back to us a sense of self-love and self-value. This means the Full Moon will be one for either celebrating the fact that this exists, or making space for new relationship dynamics.

Fortunately, Mars entering Gemini on August 20th, will probably have you feeling more social than ever. It could be a good time to meet some new beings, or to reconnect with old friends with whom you’ve fallen out of touch.

We wrap up Leo season when the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd. This is the first new season out of your solar return – and one to solidify some new good habits. That’s really what Vigo is about; a sign that endorses clean eating, a healthy routine, social media mindfulness and healthy relationships. You’ve got a fresh twelve months ahead of your next solar return – you can use each minute to honor yourself.

Leo, Uranus retrograde on August 24th is going to bring shifts to your career and finances. Depending on your mindset – this can be incredible or incredibly expansive or a reflection of limitation. Regardless, this retrograde invites you to innovate, expand beyond what you already know. It’ll be a time for thinking outside the box as to how you can earn your living, as well as how your career path can allow you to expand even further, into revealing more of the glorious person that you already are.