Key Themes: Manifesting practical dreams, trusting your power, collaboration with others, playfulness

Leo, April may just be one of those months that you remember as a “checkpoint.” It’s from here that your path may take a significant turn, in terms of abundance – but more specifically – relative to how empowered you feel in manifesting this abundance within your life. A healthy dose of focus, trust and consistency are going to be key here… as well as remembrance that the universe supports you in achieving your best life.

Lovely Leo, you’re ready to step into your personal power in a new way, and to have this shine outwardly into the world. The question now simply is: what do you want to do?

This invitation kicks off for you with Mercury (planet of communication and mental processing) entering Taurus, on April 3rd. Because this transit activates your sector of career and manifestation, you’re going to feel a wave of grounding and empowerment in these spheres. Suddenly, financial goals won’t seem like such unachievable visions, as you start receiving downloads of how you can practically work your way towards them.

It’ll be wise to set some intentions around this date, as later in the month (April 21st) we’ll collectively experience our first Mercury Retrograde of the year, also in Taurus. With us up until May 14th, this retrograde period will be about refining your manifestation goals. Remember: that might mean meeting some curve balls, obstacles or closed doors. Have faith here though. Ultimately, the universe is conspiring to bring you your highest good – and sometimes that means showing you what you don’t want, first. Because you have all of this astro-awareness, there’ll be no need to panic. Rather than chargin full steam ahead – revisit your goals with a sense of quiet empowerment, and get ready to act when the cosmos permits. You are a highly intuitive sign Leo: trust that you’ll know when the time is right.

On April 11th, we have the planet of love entering the multi-faceted sign of Gemini. Activating your sector of community and networking, this transit will have you feeling more social and collaborative than usual. Maybe it’s time to expand your work team, meet new people or join a class. Here, you’re being encouraged to tune into what you can learn from those around you.

April 14th brings auspicious energies with Saturn forming a harmonious connection with the Lunar North Node. This synchronistic and expansive cosmic signature once again activates your sector of manifestation and finance. You might feel an epiphany coming on, or even simply a deep sense of comfort. You will continue to reach your goals as they evolve and shift, it’s really just a question of when. With this truth in mind, the great news is, you can lean back and truly enjoy the journey.

This playful and relaxed energy will be the perfect foundation to a fiery and potent activation on April 20th. Here, as well as shifting into Taurus season, we have an Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse. Illuminating your sector of adventure, travel and exploration, this is a night where you’re encouraged to expand by playing. Honor your sense of wonder and awe at the world Leo. Stepping (or leaping) out of your comfort zone will be extra cosmically supported here.