Gemini, during Taurus’ Waxing Quarter Moon on the 8th, we’ll be halfway between the New and Full Moon. Checkup on what has been growing or rearranging within you regarding your belief systems, and your need for freedom and expansion. Ask yourself how your spirituality ties in with all of this. On the 9th, Ceres re-enters your sign. Support and nourishment through communication and ideas will be very important. Looking back to August and December, how was your definition of yourself affecting you? Play around with your identity and find what makes you feel grounded. On the 11th, Mercury joins forces with Pluto in your area of energetic exchanges. Give voice to your intimate thoughts and desires in spaces where you feel safe enough to become vulnerable. During the wknd, the Moon hangs out in the nurturing sign of Cancer. Have a spa day. Make room to nourish your senses.