Happy New Moon week, Gemini! The Libra New Moon lights up your sector of expansion and true love, so you may find yourself in a flirtatious, loving, and hilarious mood this week (yes, even if Mercury is retrograde!) The question now is: who are you directing all this loving and flirtatious energy to, and why? Take time mid-week to set intentions regarding what your ideal love and social life feels and looks like. And remember, while having lots of friends and lovers may feel fun, a part of you is also seeking more sustainability in your life. Once Venus enters Sag on the 7th, your partnership is activated, and you may meet or deepen a connection with someone while traveling, or while doing something sporsty or entrepreneurial. As compelling as it may be to take things 0 to 100, Mercury’s continued retrograde in your sign is encouraging you to slow your horses.